Deadline approaching for Society Awards grant

The Society Awards are part of the Wellcome Trust’s Engaging Science grants programme, which funds projects that engage the public in science.

It aims to support public engagement activities that have a significant impact at national or regional level and that address a key need.

The schemes are open to a wide range of people, including: mediators, facilitators and practitioners of science communication; science centre/museum staff; artists; educators; film makers; theatre producers; games developers; public participation practitioners; health professionals; and academics in bioscience, social science, bioethics and medical history and humanities.

Project activities and outputs may include:

  • Workshops, events, debates and discussion
  • Exhibitions and museum outreach
  • Films, games, websites and cross-platform projects
  • Performance or theatre projects involving existing work or work that may be more illustrative than artistic
  • Deliberative or opinion-gathering projects
  • Creation of teaching materials.

Projects that are not eligible for Society Awards include:

  • Health promotion or campaigning projects
  • Arts projects for therapeutic purposes
  • Projects that do not deal with biomedical science or the history of medicine

Complete an application form via the Trust’s WT Grant Tracker online application system and submit it before Friday 11 March 2016.

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Get in touch with the Wellcome Trust with any further queries at (0207 611 5757). 

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