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Welcome to Technically Speaking, a newsletter written by technicians, for technicians.

Technicians' Network

The aim of this publication is to promote technicians within the University, to bring our talent, ideas and issues to the attention of each other but also the University at large. There are around 450 technicians across the University across all faculties and in a wide range of areas. As editor I want the articles in each issue to be relevant and useful to readers whatever their background.

Map showing where the university technicians are based.
Illustration of where all the technicians at the University are based.

Technically Speaking will act as the 'mouthpiece' of the University of Leeds Technicians’ Network which brings technicians across the University together. We intend it to publish three or four times a year. The remit was to create a newsletter to allow technicians to share their experience. To assist technicians in their work, promote the role of technicians and connect technicians across the University. Many of us feel isolated in our labs, offices, workshops, etc. It is our hope that Technically Speaking will provide a platform where we can share ideas, worries and best practice.

In order for Technically Speaking to work we need content – we need you! We need you to write for us, to let us know about what is happening in your department or school and to tell us what you think. Please let us know if you have an idea for an article. Selected articles will be added to this blog and then sent out with Technically Speaking. In this way, your work will be shared not only across the University, but globally.

In this, the first issue, we celebrate the success of an apprentice Mechanical Engineer Technician and interview a Costume Technician, as well as bringing you Health and Safety advice and the thoughts of a Union representative. Through this wide range of content we hope to show what a wide range of skills and experiences we have as technicians.

If you are interested in contributing to Technically Speaking or coming on board to help produce Technically Speaking, or you just have seen something you want to comment about, then please get in touch via

Current team:

Andy Connelly – Editor
Sam Lonsdale – Web assistant
Marcus Hill – Technicians’ Network advisor

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