University hosts high profile US visitor

Dr Michael Meador, appointed Director of the US National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) by President Obama, has visited Leeds as part of a tour of UK centres of excellence in nanotechnology research.

(l-r): Dr Michael Meador and Professor Terry Wilkins


Dr Meador was introduced to our research on:

  • advanced materials for quantum information

  • LongLife Joints

  • Nanoelectronics and terahertz sensing

  • Nanosafety  

Terry Wilkins, Yorkshire Forward Professor of Nanomanufacturing Innovation in the School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering, who coordinated the visit, said: “We demonstrated that we have a unique and robust campus-wide set up for research and innovation in nanotechnology.  The visit has opened the way for exciting research collaboration with the NNI.”

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