Celebrating student engagement at Leeds

Twelve inspiring students will share their stories of engagement at the University on 25 November.

Student Engagement Showcase banner

The Student Engagement Showcase will enable 12 students to talk about how they have broadened their education whilst studying at Leeds. Their 5-minute ‘Bettakulcha’-style presentations will be followed by two workshops and a networking session, making the experience as interactive as possible for students and staff.

Aiming to show the range of student engagement available, from business enterprise, volunteering, societies, and work placements, the showcase will take place:

On: Wednesday 25 November

At:   1.45 – 5.00pm

In:   Michael Sadler Building

You don’t have to stay for the full event.

Daniel Davis, who is involved in coordinating the event, says: “We want this event to be a real two-way thing, with staff and students learning from each other.  Staff who are involved in public engagement activities with students, or in arranging work placements, should find this event particularly interesting.  Education can come in many forms and we want to inspire others to take advantage of the countless opportunities for learning that there are at Leeds.  ”

If you’d like to find out more about how students at Leeds can get involved in extra-curricular activity of all kinds, register online to attend the event.

For further details, email the Leeds Student Engagement team.

You can also find out more about the event by following the team on:

the Showcase Blog

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