Take part in the conversation about climate change

The University is collaborating with 'For the Love of Yorkshire' to start a county-wide conversation about climate change and how we can drive solutions here at home.

For the love of yorkshire

Linking with the Climate Coalition’s UK campaign, For the Love of …, ‘For the Love of Yorkshire’, launches on 10 November in Leeds and York and runs until 13 December. 

The Leeds launch will take place at and after The ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy’s 2015 Festival Debate, ‘The Road to Paris: Accelerating International Action on Low Carbon Cities’. See more information about this event. 

There are various events taking place on campus:

Wednesday 11 November 
Inaugural Seminar: Priestley International Centre for Climate Change (PICC)
Maurice Keyworth Building, University of Leeds  

Wednesday 11 November 

SRI Seminar: Need, Mobility, Poverty and Environmental Justice
School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds 

Tuesday 24 November

Adequacy and Equity under Neoliberal Cilmate Governance: Assessing the Paric Movement
Business School Western, University of Leeds

For more information about events taking place around Yorkshire, see the For the Love of Yorkshire website

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