University signs the Manifesto for Public Engagement

The University has reaffirmed its commitment to public engagement by signing a national Manifesto for Public Engagement.

The Manifesto, drawn up by the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement in 2011, states:

We believe that universities and research institutes have a major responsibility to contribute to society through their public engagement, and that they have much to gain in return.

We are committed to sharing our knowledge, resources and skills with the public, and listing to and learning from the expertise and insight of the different communities with which we engage.

We are committed to developing our approach to managing, supporting and delivering public engagement for the benefit of staff and the public, and to sharing what we learn about effective practice.

Commenting on the signing, Vice-Chancellor Sir Alan Langlands said: “Universities are changing. We can no longer just sit up here on the hill. We have to be connected, responsible, accountable, relevant and involved. This should come naturally to Leeds. Our motto Et augebitur scientia holds good here. It is an invitation to people to join in the thrill of creating and disseminating knowledge.

“For the University, the challenge is making our public engagement more coherent without losing the energy, creativity and spark that has got us to this point."

If you want to find out more about public engagement at Leeds, you can join pepnet: a network for everyone involved in public engagement, events, pathways to impact, and involvement.  Pepnet is now supported by the University's new Public Engagement with Research team (31149).

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