Health and Safety Policy Refresh

The University is strengthening its commitment to the wellbeing, safety and health of its community with a refreshed Health and Safety Policy.


The refresh reflects the University’s new strategic aims and reaffirms the importance the University places on health and safety.

Staff must take responsibility to apply good health and safety practice to all University activities wherever they take place, whether on campus, during fieldwork, placements or study abroad, or at conferences.

The new policy sets out arrangements for:

  • training
  • competence mechanisms
  • monitoring and auditing processes
  • a simplified approval process for key health and safety documents.  

It has clarified roles and responsibilities, explaining the help and advice available from University safety specialists along with encouraging a proportionate approach to risk management, reducing administration.

A series of printed fold-out leaflets are also available which outline the key responsibilities for:

  • Heads of School / Service
  • Line Managers and Academic Tutors
  • All Staff and Students.

An electronic version of the Policy and responsibility leaflets are available on the Wellbeing, Safety and Health website.

Please familiarise yourself with your role in providing a safe environment for yourself, your colleagues, students and others within the University community.

If you need any further details or wish to discuss any aspect of the refreshed policy please contact your Health & Safety Manager or contact

Francesca Fowler
Director of Human Resources

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