Jan Bilton

Celebrating the University's 'Women of Achievement 2015': Jan Bilton, Research Technician, School of Medicine.

Women of achievement

Jan won the first European Partnership’s Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (3R’s) Laboratory Technician Prize in 2013.

The Prize is presented to those whose work has brought an outstanding contribution to the development and implementation of alternatives to animal testing. 

Jan works in the transgenic mouse facility in the School of Medicine where she maintains mouse colonies for the research scientists at the University. Jan noticed some cases of mice with ulcerative dermatitis in the unit and through repeated scratching of the area the lesions were often very sore. She decided to try and break the cycle by trimming the toenails of affected mice. The results were almost immediate and the skin would begin to heal by the next day. Jan refined the care of the mice and has created a treatment that is free, simple to teach, quick and non-invasive to the mice.

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