Universities UK launches Universities for Europe campaign

Universities UK today (27 July) launches a campaign arguing that membership of the EU makes sense for the UK's universities.

In a speech at today's launch event, Dame Julia Goodfellow will say:  “It is abundantly clear that the UK’s membership of the European Union has an overwhelmingly positive impact on our world-leading universities, enhancing university research and teaching. UK universities are at the heart of the biggest knowledge producing region in the world – and we all benefit from that – individuals, the economy and society.

“The case for staying in Europe is about ensuring the future prosperity of the UK, it’s about maximising the chances of new discoveries that enhance the society in which we live, it’s about the UK’s standing in the world, it’s about British jobs and it’s about opportunities for British people now and in the future.”

“By supporting collaboration and breaking down international barriers, the EU helps universities to carry out cutting-edge research and make discoveries that improve people’s lives and enhance the UK’s global influence. The EU brings people together, helping to attract top talent to contribute to UK higher education and providing life-changing opportunities abroad for UK students and researchers to build global networks and enhance their cultural understanding. It helps universities to educate and employ local people, support home-grown enterprise and attract top European students who contribute to the UK economy.

“In the referendum debate, universities must stand up and be counted. We should be a powerful and positive voice on the benefits of EU membership.”

Read more on the Universities for Europe campaign website.

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