Lecture capture survey – please give us your views

Staff are encouraged to complete a survey about their perceptions of lecture capture and their use of the system this academic session.

Lecture at Leeds

The data gathered from this project are very important to us from a strategic and research perspective.

Lecture Capture is audio and video technology for recording of lectures and other activities.  This technology has been available in hundreds of central teaching rooms across the University since its launch last September. The lecture capture system allows automated recording of scheduled teaching and other events in all central teaching spaces, capturing audio, presented screen and video (where a video camera is available). It is also possible to make an ad-hoc recording in rooms where there is no scheduled activity and to record materials using the desktop capture system.

To access the completely anonymous survey, please click here.  The survey should take between 15-20 minutes to complete, and will be available for three weeks.

The data gathered from this survey will:

  • give great insight into the use of lecture capture by staff across the University
  • give insight into staff views about lecture capture for all uses
  • be very useful for shaping future strategy and policy around lecture capture
  • form the basis of a research article about perceptions of lecture capture in Higher Education.

For more information about this project, please contact Dr Bronwen Swinnerton or Professor Neil Morris.

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