A sustainable approach to the student changeover

Work is underway to ensure that this year’s student changeover is the smoothest ever and that the impact on local residents is as low as possible.

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The departure of students from the three Leeds universities brings with it significant challenges to the City each year as large amounts of waste are generated and noise from end-of-year parties prevents residents from getting a good night sleep.

As part of our strategic commitment to ensure that the University and our students have a positive impact on society, Sustainability is working with Leeds University Union, Leeds City Council and other students unions to help minimise the disruption to local neighbourhoods.  

LUU will be running its Leave Leeds Tidy campaign.  This year there will be 10 new, secure, community-based textile bins to make it even easier for our students to donate their unwanted clothing.  All funds raised will benefit the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

In conjunction with Leave Leeds Tidy, Sustainability will be running a new communications campaign to raise awareness on the impact of noise on local residents and to encourage reporting to the Universities and Colleges Neighbourhood Helpline Service.  Whilst the majority of our students do not cause any problems for their neighbours, at this time of year noise complaints do reach a peak as a result of end-of-year celebrations.  Those affected include students of the universities, FE colleges and schools who may still be revising for their exams. The campaign will combine practical weekly tips through social media along with a corresponding blog on the Sustainability webpages.

Working in partnership with others we have successfully reduced the impact of changeover year on year. We are hoping this year will be the best campaign yet and local residents be able to see the results.

Please follow our progress on our various social media pages or email sustainability@leeds.ac.uk if you have any questions!

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