Science in Town Centres

A new pilot scheme aims to engage the public with science by hosting a busking event in Leeds city centre.

The ‘Science in Town Centres’ project will take place in Leeds on Saturday 9 May 10am-4:30pm, with a training day for staff at the University on Friday 8 May, 10am-4:30pm.

Dr Ken Farquhar, who ran away to join the circus after finishing his PhD, will be on hand to train staff who wish to take part. Now one of the UK’s top science communicators, Dr Farquhar has experience with learning engagement techniques as a street performer and television presenter, combining entertainment with science.

After learning the secrets of street theatre, participants will spend a day presenting novel Biology, Chemistry and Physics demonstrations and experiments to unsuspecting audiences.

The project has been organised by members of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They are looking for participants to get involved. In exchange for your time, you will:

  • Be trained by a leading science communicator
  • Be given lunch and refreshments on both the training and event days
  • Meet and work with like-minded people who care about science engagement

To register please complete this webform.

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