Meet the local election candidates

Would you like to learn more about the general election candidates for Leeds? Take the opportunity to hear them speak on campus later this month.


Leeds University Union and the University are hosting a series of events to help students and staff make an informed decision when voting.  LUU has invited the Conservative, Green, Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP candidates running for the two major Leeds students constituencies onto campus to answer your questions.

If you live in the Leeds North-West Constituency (including Headingley) the following local candidates will attend a Question Time session on Tuesday 21 April:

  • Alex Sobel, Labour
  • Julian Metcalfe, UKIP
  • Tim Goodall, Green
  • Greg Mulholland, Lib Dem

For more information on each candidate, check out the LUU event page.

If you live in the Leeds Central Constituency (this includes Leeds City Centre, Hyde Park and Woodhouse) come along on Wednesday 22 April to hear:

  • Nicola Wilson, Conservative
  • Hilary Benn, Labour
  • Luke Senior, UKIP
  • Michael Hayton, Green

For more information, see the LUU event page.

Both events are free and take place from 6-7.30pm. 

All staff and students are welcome!  The events are free, but you will need to register your attendance in advance.  University staff will need to log into the LUU website by creating a Guest Login account in order to register.

For more information contact Jenny O'Leary at LUU.

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