Undergraduate Programme Survey 2015

The 2015 Undergraduate Programme Survey has launched and will remain open for eligible students until mid-May.

The survey has been running annually since 2007 and is managed centrally by the Market Research & Insight Team. All eligible undergraduate students (normally non-finalists) are encouraged to take part as the survey helps us to better understand our students’ views on their academic experience.

The Programme Survey is available online at www.haveyoursay.leeds.ac.uk and it should only take five minutes to complete.  Students will have the choice between 100 free printer credits or a £1 donation to charity as a thank you for their participation online. All eligible students have been emailed and the survey is promoted through various means. The survey can also be completed on paper and the support of staff to allow it to be completed in lectures has really helped to boost response rates in the past.

For the second year the Programme Survey will also be used to help facilitate Leeds’ participation in the UK Engagement Survey (UKES). Its purpose is to help institutions enhance the student learning experience (through asking students about the extent to which they are investing effort in their studies) and to identify areas where more encouragement and opportunities to engage may be required.  Students can choose whether to answer these questions after submitting their responses to the online version of the UG Programme Survey.

Individual schools and faculties have compiled action plans in response to student feedback, including the NSS and Programme Survey. The action plans are available to view online.

If you would like further information on the Programme Survey please contact Helen Theakston.

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