Become a School Governor

Would you like to be a governor at a Leeds school?

You will need to be committed to attending about six meetings a year (about six to ten hours per school term) and be able to visit the school.

Serving as a school governor is a significant commitment, but is immensely rewarding. For anyone who cares about education, this is an excellent opportunity to have a positive influence on the future of young people in our community.   A school's governing body has a key strategic role and effective governance is essential if a school is to deliver educational excellence and enable pupils to achieve their full potential.

Governing bodies need access to a wide range of skills and above all people with enthusiasm and commitment and so both academic and non-academic staff have something to contribute. The Council offers a range of governor training and no prior experience of primary or secondary education is needed. Serving as a Governor can also be an opportunity to develop new skills. One does not need to be a parent to serve as a governor.  

For more information about being a governor, visit Leeds City Council website or contact the Governor support service.

Download a School Governer application form

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