Making a change for climate change

Climate Hubs is a new initiative being developed at the University, supported by the Sustainability Service.

Sustainability speaking with a member of staff about climate hotspots

To respond to frustration at slow international progress against Climate Change, the Hubs will encourage positive local action in the run up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21).

The aim is to create an online network of staff and students willing to take action against climate change. The overarching Climate Hub is there to share with others, inquire or offer support for actions that others might be taking, and to suggest and develop ideas to reduce carbon emissions.

Localised Hubs will focus on reducing work-related carbon emissions. Example of actions could include changing working practice, reducing business travel, saving water, reducing the climate impact of purchases, or replacing old and inefficient equipment.

The Hubs will be supported by the Sustainability Service who can help to identify opportunities and implement solutions. Each team's savings will be kept as a score then the progress and achievements of the teams will be recognised at the annual Sustainability awards!

For more information, please email Sustainability.

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