BBC media training for BAME academics

The BBC Academy is offering a day of free media training in Salford for black, Asian and minority ethnicity (BAME) academics in February.


The BAME Talent Day on Thursday 26 February aims to encourage more BAME academics to put themselves forward as experts for the media.  The day will offer a range of practical media experiences including sessions on camera and in a radio studio as well as master classes and the opportunity to meet and network with experienced programme makers and industry leaders. 

Watch the video of the BAME day in London.

Applications are open for the BAME Talent Day in Salford, which is looking for BAME experts in the North of England with recognised expertise/qualification/experience in the following subject areas:

  • History - academics, custodians, auctioneers, museum curators, etc
  • Science - all areas
  • Health - medically qualified
  • Sport – coaches, players, commentators
  • Business, Economics and Consumer Finance – experts who can demystify the world of business, from global finance to kitchen table start-ups; consumer finance specialists who can talk knowledgeably about everything from mortgages to pay day lenders, etc
  • Visual Arts: painting, ceramics, sculpture, design, print, photography, film making
  • Performing Arts: theatre, film, music
  • Literature
  • Children's Broadcasting - specialists in history, science, coding, zoology, agriculture, medicine or technology who can communicate these subjects to a young audience

The closing date for Salford applications is 23:59 on Thursday 29 January 2015.

See the BBC Academy webpages for more information and details of how to apply.

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