Using the Search function on For Staff

We’ve published a short reminder of how to make best use of the search function on For Staff.

The search box on For Staff is set by default to search only for news and other items hosted on the For Staff site itself.  So, for example, if you type ‘student education conference’ into the search box and just hit go, you will bring up a list of For Staff news stories that mention the conference, as in the picture below.


If you wanted to find the student education conference webpage, this is not part of For Staff and you will need to widen your search across all University websites. To do this, use the drop-down list within the search box and select as shown below.


This will bring up a much wider search results list, with the student education conference webpage at the top of the list.


The same principles apply to searching for staff and students.  If you type a name into the search box and just hit go, you will only find For Staff news items which have mentioned that name.


If you want to widen your search - eg., to find a person’s profile on their school or department webpages - you will need to use the dropdown list to search across all of


This will again return a search list from across all University webpages.


If you want to find a person’s entry in the staff or student A-Z, you need to enter their surname only in the search box, and use the drop down list to select which A-Z you need.


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