Health and safety consultation now open

A new health and safety protocol on Management of Work Equipment has been published for consultation. Feedback from all staff will be welcome.

The consultation documents are available on the Health and Safety Services website.  They will remain available for four weeks and feedback should be sent to by 5pm on Friday 12 December 2014

Work, research and study at the University involves the use of a large amount of work equipment which varies in complexity from simple hand tools to complex machines.  Everyone involved should ensure that their work equipment will cause no harm and remain fit for its intended use. The key is to ensure that work equipment is safe and fit-for-purpose.

Work equipment is:

  • any machinery, appliance,  apparatus, tool or installation
  • used or provided by staff, students or visitors
  • for their work or study
  • at a workplace owned or managed by the University of Leeds.

It includes:

  • equipment which is new or second hand to the University
  • manufactured, constructed or adapted by staff or students in-house
  • loaned or donated to the University
  • bought, borrowed or hired in by the University
  • equipment which is manufactured, donated, hired or sold by the University for others to use
  • or equipment which you take with you from the University to other sites or for other people.

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