Launch of the new ‘Language Zone’

The first students have been welcomed to the University's newly-refurbished 'Language Zone'.


This study area, on level 2 of the Parkinson Building, is open to all students and staff, whether they are studying a language for their degree programme or learning independently.

New features include a video wall, recording areas, facilities for visitors to bring and use their own mobile devices, and an improved layout where visitors can relax, study and browse the full range of language learning resources.

Staff and students can choose from a range of audio and video material, language learning software, as well as TV channels, newspapers and magazines in over 40 languages.  Visitors can access materials in any language they choose, participate in the Language Exchange Scheme, or gain ideas and support from the Language Adviser.

The Language Zone is open 6 days a week, and welcomed more than 500 visitors on its first day.

At the opening event the Vice Chancellor, Sir Alan Langlands, said: “It is important that we are not complacent [about language learning] and at the University of Leeds, I don’t think we show any sign of that.  We have been investing in these facilities and in the Language Centre generally […] and the university community, especially students, benefit enormously.”

Dr Peter Howarth, Director of the Language Centre’s facilities said: “We can now provide an attractive space for learners and teachers to use the advanced audio-visual technology we have available, to research and experiment with techniques to enhance language learning: such as the use of mobile devices, communication via social media, the designing of apps, gaming and more.

“We’re very confident that this new investment by the University will help to enhance the experience and success of language learners for many more years and above all it demonstrates visibly that Leeds University really takes languages seriously.”

Find out more about the Language Zone.

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