Tell us about your public engagement activities

It’s the time of year again: not quite Christmas, but time for the Higher Education Business & Community Interaction (HEBCI) survey and we need your help to respond.

Every year the University submits a survey to HEFCE which includes the number of people who have attended exhibitions and other public events put on by the University.   The data is submitted to HESA as part of the Higher Education Business & Community Interaction (HEBCI) survey.

The annual HEBCI survey examines the exchange of knowledge between universities and the wider world, and informs the strategic direction of 'knowledge exchange' activity that funding bodies and higher education institutions in the UK undertake.  The University has received this year’s survey form and would welcome your contribution to the data collection to maximise our return.

The survey is looking for details of all "social, community and cultural engagement" events put on by the University in the 2013-14 academic year.  It asks for details of public lectures, public performances, exhibitions and, of course, others (outreach activity is excluded from this survey).  As in previous years it is asking for the number of attendees at free events, the number of attendees at chargeable events and the staff time involved in each.

Can you please take a minute and fill out this form?

If you have run several events, just fill the form out again.

In 2011-12 the total count of attendees recorded at all events at the University of Leeds was 175 people; in 2012-13 it was almost 5000. What is it going to be this year?

Please help to raise the stakes for public engagement by filling out this survey by Friday, 10 October.

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