Lecture capture system now recording scheduled teaching events

The lecture capture system is now in a live state and will record teaching events in the timetable that are scheduled for recording, in accordance with the Audio and Video Recording policy.


This launch is part of the comprehensive testing that is ongoing, so it should be recognised that the service might not yet be completely stable. We will be updating the lecture capture system with any timetable changes twice a day in the first instance, so colleagues need to be aware that any last minute changes may not be reflected in recording schedules. For the first couple of weeks of the service, individual presenters of scheduled events will receive a personal email about the operation of the system before the event and will receive support from the project team as required.  

We are also preparing to launch the desktop capture software to staff as soon as possible.  The ad-hoc tool for capturing events not scheduled via the timetable system will also be released as soon as possible.

For further information and advice about the lecture capture system please see the Changing Landscapes website.

Note: desktop software is not necessary to edit or approve scheduled lecture capture.  For quick guides see the IT website.

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