Biological Sciences technicians look to the future

Technicians from the Faculty of Biological Sciences (FBS) gathered together to take part in a special event organised to discuss key issues and activities impacting on their careers and roles.

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Launched by the Vice-Chancellor Sir Alan Langlands, the event at University House was organised by a team of technical managers and technicians and co-facilitated by Staff and Departmental Development Unit. Over 55 technicians and technical service managers attended, taking part in activities such as networking, discussing how to raise the profile of technical staff in FBS, developing enhanced team working/communications, and personal development and career planning.

Introducing the event, Sir Alan said: “The University academic community absolutely depends upon you, so remember how important you are.” Interim Dean Professor Mike McPherson also reflected on the importance of getting everyone together and and how the event was a significant development for the Faculty’s technical community. 

Guest speakers included Professor Nic Stonehouse (School of Molecular and Cellular Biology), who gave an entertaining perspective on her career to date, and Terry Croft, Director of Technical Development and Modernisation at the Faculty of Science, University of Sheffield, who talked about what the future holds for the technical community.

The event was-well supported by FBS academics and managers, who gave technicians the time to attend. 

Positive feedback from participants included: 

“Overall enjoyable day and a chance to put forward and exchange ideas.”

“Well-organised, interesting agenda.”

“Extremely professional and well run day with interesting topics.” 

“I thought the day was an incredible step forward for our technicians.”

Plans are already underway to repeat the event next year.

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