Latest from the Ludus Festival Leeds

The Ludus Festival Leeds, directed by the University's Professor Mick Wallis, continues this week with a performance of 'White Cane', a sensory exploration of Leeds' Victoria Gardens.


Visually impaired dancer Mickel Smithen and blind musician Takashi Kikuchi act as guides to Victoria Gardens as a sensory space of touch, vibration, movement and sound, in an unfolding dialogue between performers and public.

Using their long white canes, they build up a deep connection with their environment, ‘sounding’ and ‘dancing’ the Gardens.  The cane’s ball moves across the ground, picking up bumps, cracks, grooves, levels and nuances, feeding back sensory information through the hands and bodies of the performers.  As they tune into their environs, patterns of movement and sound emerge.

As the performance unfolds, local white cane users and their friends join Mickel and Takashi in the performance space; and finally audience members and passers by are invited to join.

The 30-minute performances will take place on:

Friday 20 June 2014, 1.30 and 3pm
Sunday 22 June 2014, 2.30 and 4pm

For more information on the performance and associated workshops, see the Ludus Festival website.

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