Nominations for Sustainability Awards are open

Nominate someone for one of six sustainability awards by 13 June. Awards are open to all staff and students and entries should be no longer than 250 words but can include photos.


Please send your nominations to Jenny Scattergood by 13 June. The award categories are outlined below.

Embedding Sustainability

Embedding sustainability is about ensuring that sustainable practises and values are a part of every decision and action we make. This can be through changing policy, changing purchases, encouraging positive behaviour and much more. Let us know about anyone that has ensured that sustainability will remain an integral part of the University and beyond.

Knowledge and Capacity

We would like to know about anyone that has helped to educate students or staff on sustainability, someone that has incorporated the concept of a ‘living lab’ (research and education carried out on campus or in the local area), or anyone that has shared expertise on campus and beyond.

Collaborative Organisation 

To develop a collaborative organisation we need to work together and share our skills, ideas and resources across the University. Let us know if you or someone else has demonstrated this collaborative spirit by embedding the idea of collaboration, sharing resources, or developing cross-university research or projects.

Inspiring collaboration

This award is for anyone that has helped the University to become a positive partner in the community through any fundraising, education or collaboration with external groups – anything that ensures that the University is an open and welcoming space that works with the wider society in developing knowledge, skills and making it a happier and better place to work and live.

Resource Management

Resource Management covers a wide variety of impacts at the University:

• Energy consumption
• Waste management
• Travel – reduced car use, increase in car sharing, public transport, walking and cycling
• Biodiversity on campus
• Resource use – increase efficiency, life cycle decision making
• Procurement 

For this award we would like to know of any staff or students that have implemented policies, ideas or encouraged positive behaviour to ensure that we have more efficient and effective resource management at the University.

The M&S University of Leeds Sustainable Leadership Award

We want to celebrate the great leadership taken on embedding and promoting sustainability across campus by our staff and students. From innovative solutions, new ideas, to leading on embedding sustainability, we want to hear about the fantastic leadership across the institution. Supported by the M&S Company Archive, this award is open to all.

For more information please visit the Sustainability website

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