Thank you for shwopping

M&S would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in the University of Leeds’ third Shwop At Work. On Thursday and Friday last week you donated more than 1,500 garments to Oxfam.


There was a fantastic turn out with the Refectory shwopping bin receiving more donations than ever before. At the University we have donated around 160 sacks of clothing to Oxfam, more than any of the 75 other organisations that take part.

Any clothes that Oxfam don’t sell in shops are reused or recycled. For example, some clothing may go to Frip Ethique, a social enterprise project in Senegal providing employment for disadvantaged women and old threadbare items could turn up as stuffing for a mattress or filling for a car seat.

As always, the Sustainability and Cleaning Services teams are owed an especially big thank you for coordinating logistics, sourcing volunteers and promoting the event around campus. Our success at Shwop at Work is a fantastic demonstration of the commitment of both the University of Leeds and M&S to a sustainable future and is just one example of the exciting activity taking place as part of the partnership between the two organisations.

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