Access to campus - 22-24 May 2014

Leeds University Union will be hosting the Slam Dunk music festival on Saturday 24 May. The event is expected to attract some 6,000 people to campus.

The event site extends from the Michael Sadler building and Great Hall Square, through to University Road and the end of the University precinct.  There will be increased activity in these areas from the afternoon of Thursday 22 May and on Friday 23 May.  Consideration has been given to the fact that exams are taking place in the Great Hall.

Access to University precinct will be restricted from 11am on Saturday  24 May, but the Refectory will be open for students, staff and visitors until 2pm.  After 2pm the Refectory and Union buildings will be closed until Sunday 25 May, when they will be open as normal.

The Students' Union building will be closed all day on Saturday.  There will be a van parked near to the Edward Boyle Library selling sandwiches, drinks, and snacks.

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