The water@leeds photo competition 2014 is now open

The competition is free to enter and is open to all University staff, students, alumni and their families.

2013 water@leeds photo competition winner 'Under Sheffield, Porter Brook', taken by Richard Cruise


The overall theme is water, and your image needs to fit into one of the following categories:

  • Water in Leeds - images of water in and around the Leeds area
  • Water Engineering - this could be anything from the use of water in industry, water flow and pumps or even images of how water has been used in one of your research projects. A very diverse category.
  • Water and Nature - including plants or animals with water, but this could include any images involving water in the natural world.
  • Maritime - images of anything to do with the sea! Think nautical...
  • Water on Holiday - submit your water themed holiday photographs of far off places
  • Water and You... - this might be an image of you, your family or friends in or around water.

For further details please visit the water@leeds website.

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