My week - 28 April 2014 - remembrance and celebration

A regular update from Vice-Chancellor Sir Alan Langlands.

Sir Alan Langlands

Today is Workers Memorial Day, a moving occasion in which we remember workers from the Yorkshire and Humber region who have died through accidents or incidents at work.  This falls on the same day as our own Health and Safety Committee and reinforces the importance of partnership working at every level of the University – critically with the trade unions and LUU-  to ensure that we work together to improve safety and the health and wellbeing of the whole University community.

Over the past six years there has been a massive reduction in accident rates at the University – but I say this without an ounce of complacency: we have to be constantly vigilant and conscientious in our work on health and safety and this will always be an important personal priority for me.

Celebration of student life is the dominant theme for the rest of the week.  Tonight, we celebrate The Partnership between students and staff – an opportunity to acknowledge best practice in student education and engagement through innovation, representation, mentoring and outreach, and to recognise our inspiring teachers and tutors, those who go the extra mile.

As the week unfolds, we will celebrate almost 4000 hours of voluntary effort by the Hall execs who welcome and represent students in each University residence; the outstanding efforts of students and coaches from our Sports, Martial Arts, Outdoor and Competing Dance Groups to be recognised at the Sports Colours & Scholarships Awards Dinner; and the Intercultural Ambassadors Showcase, recognising students who have dedicated their time, skills and enthusiasm to help others to benefit from being part of a diverse, multicultural university.

Each year LUU support over 2000 students to engage in voluntary work or accredited placements and those who give their time to the community will be recognised at the Volunteer Celebrations on Wednesday and the Leeds for Life Citizenship Awards on Thursday.  The theme of giving continues with the climax of the RAG community fund on Friday – a great charitable effort which last year raised just short of £20,000 for 29 small Leeds-based charities.

Top of the bill are ‘The Rileys’ – a showcase for the LUU clubs and societies which are the beating heart of student life at Leeds – something to look forward to on Friday night.

Celebrate week tells a story of success – profiling the very best of what staff and students at Leeds have achieved over the past twelve months, and the student executive and staff of the Union should be congratulated for this unique Leeds initiative. Increasing knowledge and opportunity is certainly worth celebrating and the successful LUU executive of 2014 are doing it in style.

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