Around the world in 80 textiles

ULITA is celebrating its 10th anniversary in St Wilfred's Chapel with an exhibition of textiles from all the countries represented in its collections.

Mexican weave


The exhibition highlights some of the fascinating donors’ stories, including: the adventurous Professor Barker, who brought together one of ULITA’s finest collections – of nineteenth century Chinese textiles; and the amazing embroiderer Louisa Pesel, whose work was inspired by her extensive travels.

ULITA has its origins in a university research collection brought together in the early twentieth century. With substantial recent additions, this exhibition provides an opportunity to view the diversity of motifs, symbols, patterns, techniques and constructions found in the world of textiles.

Countries represented include Britain, Turkey, France, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Moldova, Romania, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Japan, China, Peru and Mexico.

The exhibition will open on 30 April and will run until 25 July, and will reopen from 30 September to 28 November 2014.

ULITA is open on Tuesdays to Thursdays from 9.30am - 4.30pm and on Fridays by appointment (excluding University closed days).

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