New resources for technical staff

SDDU has launched a new-look section of its website to help technical staff plan their professional development.

The new section includes information on:

  • training and development open to technicians
  • career progression and development case studies
  • the benefits of the University's membership of HEaTED, including specialised training, an online forum for technical issues and guidance on how to gain professional recognition
  • networking opportunities
  • useful links

Professor Peter Jimack, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, says: "Technical staff have a very important role to play at the University.  It is through the provision of high quality technical solutions and first class technical support that we are able to ensure a productive learning and research environment for our students.  For example, our technicians in the Faculty of Engineering are vital in helping us achieve our positive NSS scores.  The work of our technical staff is highly valued by students, senior management and academic colleagues alike, allowing our Faculty to achieve its strategic goals of providing first-rate student learning experiences and enabling world-class research to take place."

Visit the new webpages.

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