Professor Liane G. Benning

Celebrating the University's 'Women of Achievement 2013': Liane G. Benning, Professor in Experimental Biogeochemistry, School of Earth and Environment.


Professor Benning's research for which she obtained the Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award focuses on microbial life under extreme conditions, specifically on how life adapted to and survives on glaciers in the European Arctic. Only about 30 awards are offered each year, and the criteria for receiving them include:

  • the research record or promise of the researcher
  • the contribution that the researcher can make to the furtherance of UK research in the researcher's field 
  • the record and promise of the university in the researcher's field 
  • the quality of laboratory and other facilities which the university intends to make available to the researcher to undertake research 
  • the researcher's expected contribution to promoting and disseminating research at the university and more widely, including the balance between research, teaching and any other duties and the university's commitment to his or her longer-term and broader career development.  

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