Professor Griselda Pollock

Celebrating the University's 'Women of Achievement 2013': Professor Griselda Pollock, Professor of Social & Critical Histories of Art; Director of the Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory & History.


Professor Pollock has been Professor of Social and Critical Histories of Art at Leeds since 1990 and Director of the Centre CATH (Cultural Analysis, Theory & History) since 2001.

Known for her critical interventions in feminist, social, Jewish and postcolonial studies in art’s histories, her work ranges from nineteenth and twentieth century fields to that of contemporary art and cinema, museum studies and cultural theory.  Her writings have elaborated a series of concepts with which to think about and perform feminist interventions: Old Mistresses, Vision and Difference, Avant-Garde Gambits, Generations and Geographies, Differencing the Canon. Her current research focuses on the concept of the Virtual Feminist Museum.

Professor Pollock was honoured with an Award for Distinction in Feminist Scholarship and Research in Art History by the College Art Association of America in 2010.

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