Spotlight on staff in Commercial Services

Innovation, helpfulness, and a positive attitude amongst staff in Commercial Services have been recognised in their annual Spotlight awards.


Staff across Commercial Services are invited to nominate a colleague or team who they think deserves recognition.  The winners for 2013 were:

Innovation and Creativity - for those who come up with the most innovative ideas or who sow new ideas or improvements - Natalie Ruecroft and Ryan Johnson

Helpfulness and Supportiveness - for those who support colleagues by delivery an excellent customer experience - Craig Alcock and Hayley Farmer

Friendliness, Fun, and a Positive Attitude - for the person or team who brings fun to others at work and who demonstrates a positive attitude in all that they do - Mike Walker

Trust and Respect - for the person or team which can always be relied upon and who show respect to everyone they deal with - Geoff Tooley

Congratulations to all the winners.

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