University renews partnership with Santander

Read about the valuable financial support offered to our students through the partnership.

Santander graduate intern Hannah McCulloch


Leeds was one of the first universities in the UK to join the Santander Universities network and hundreds of our students have already received generous financial support through the partnership.  Since 2007 we have been able to award over £1 million directly to our students, and the programme continues to grow.  During the first three years of the partnership the University was able to award funds to a total of 280 students: in 2013 alone 350 students received support.

The partnership is currently involved in 12 different initiatives which enhance our students' experience and improve their employability.  These range from scholarships to summer schools, travel awards, funding for volunteering, enterprise grants and research awards.

The partnership also offers funding for a programme of internships with local small and medium-sized enterprises.  This year, 35 internships will be funded this way, and 30 of these are already filled.

Simon Bray, Director of Santander Universities UK, said: "Our work with the University of Leeds is a shining example in the UK of how to build a successful partnership.  Since we started working with Leeds, we have helped over 1,200 students through the programme and the stories we hear from the students always drive us to want to do more."

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