New health institute to be established at Leeds

A major institute which will take an innovative approach to improving the health of people in Leeds is being established at the University.

The Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare will help clinicians and patients make the best choices about treatment in the National Health Service and seek to ensure that the NHS in Leeds provides the best quality clinical care and at the best value.

The Institute is a partnership between the NHS and the Centre for Innovation in Health Management (CIHM) at the University, and has been set up in response to changes in how people use the NHS and the need to ensure that different NHS organisations are joined-up to meet those changing expectations and needs.

The Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare will achieve this by bringing together clinical staff from across the health service to have training together to continuously improve health and social care services; to support the generation and analysis of healthcare data in NHS organisations so that clinicians and patients can make better choices of treatment and care together; to develop new innovations in people’s health care; and to provide recommendations for senior leaders in the City to improve healthcare services.

The Institute will be based at the Centre for Innovation Management at Leeds University Business School (LUBS).

Read more about the new institute on the LUBS website.

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