PGR Showcase competition winners announced

Read the full list of our Showcase 2013 winners and see some of their inspiring competition entries.

Nicola Buckland's winning Postgraduate Research Poster of the Year


Congratulations to all of the following:

Postgraduate Researcher of the Year

1st - Martin Muir, School of Mechanical Engineering
2nd - Jim Tiernan, School of Medicine
3rd -  David Shearing, School of Performance and Cultural Industries
3rd -  Claire Nash, School of Medicine

Three-Minute Thesis

1st - Rachael Kelley, School of Medicine - 'What happens if mum doesn't know best?'
2nd - Cara Attenborough, School of English - 'Click here to install Language Awareness'
3rd -  Nic Gowland, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology - 'Could vitamin E keep us walking?'

Postgraduate Research Poster of the Year

1st - Nicola Buckland, Institute of Psychological Sciences (poster shown above)
2nd - Fran Darlington, School of Geography
3rd -  Chung Gilliland, School of Education
3rd -  Jonathan Acomb, School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering

[See the Showcase website for images of the 2nd and 3rd place posters]

Postgraduate Research Image of the Year

1st - Alex Wright, School of Medicine and School of Computing- Stitching it all together: my PhD life as a patchwork quilt


1st - Matt Amison, Faculty of Earth and Environment - Taming the Untameable Seas


2nd - Eleanor Jew, Faculty of Earth and Environment - Cancer of the Forest


Showcase Movie

1st - Alex Wright, School of Medicine and School of Computing - Using computer vision to improve cancer patient selection for chemotherapy
2nd - Crispian Neill, School of English - The smell of modernism
3rd -  Saima Ahmed - School of Medicine - Delirium and acute stroke

Still to come ...

Thesis Twitter Conference - 10 December 2013

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