Employee and Manager Self Service coming to the University

Having been piloted by ISS and Faculty Services within Engineering, Employee and Manager Self Service (ESS/MSS) is now at a stage to be rolled out across the University during this academic year.


Self Service is a web-based overlay to the existing SAP HR Portal, will be accessible from any Campus-located PC or off-campus securely through Desktop Anywhere and will, for the first time, provide staff with direct access to the data the University holds on them.

Data could include name, date of birth, home address and emergency details, bank details, job title, contract type, probation details, work schedule, training record, etc.

Individuals will benefit by being able to view their payslips online, update bank details directly, check remaining annual leave and submit leave requests to their line managers, and (depending on the particular data) amend their personal and work-related information to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.

Additionally this will greatly help the University comply with its obligations to HMRC for Real Time Information reporting.

In turn, Manager Self Service will allow managers to view and approve individuals’ leave requests and view team calendars to ensure sufficient staffing levels over the periods requested, input and review information on such things as SRDS and run numerous reports to assist with staff management in a more streamlined and efficient manner than previously possible.

We’re looking for volunteers across all faculties and services to help trial the functionality with us during the rollout so if you’d like to be involved or have any further questions please contact the project team.

Further updates will appear through this website and from your University HR service.

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