ISS Helpdesk achieves international recognition

Leeds' ISS Helpdesk team has become one of only two UK university services to be awarded Two Star certification from the international standards body, the Service Desk Institute.

ISS IT Helpdesk's Sally Bogg, Vanessa Styles and Ruth Denton

IT Helpdesk's Sally Bogg, Vanessa Styles and Ruth Denton

Presenting the award, Howard Kendall of the Service Desk Institute, said: "With the help of the OneIT vision and strategy, the Help Desk team at the University of Leeds has a very good grip on the improvements they are implementing in order to achieve world class support. Initiatives such as the Loan IT and Fix IT schemes are commercially astute and well perceived and form a very sound base to build on. Furthermore, it is clear that staff are motivated and in tune with the staff and students they support with a focus on continual service quality improvement.”

The University now shares this level of accreditation with only two other universities worldwide: the University of St Andrew's and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

Finance Director Jane Madeley, said: “For most IT users, the ISS Helpdesk is the visible front-of-house for the whole of IT services.  Its focus on the user experience and the way the team  puts the University values into action is a credit to the whole IT organisation.  Leeds is the second UK university, and only the third globally, to get this accreditation, and it shows that we can perform to the highest standards.  It is a good indication of what One IT can deliver.”

Congratulating the team, Head of Service Management John Grannan said: “The feedback from the accreditation process shows that knowledge, skills and experience are important, but it’s personal behaviour and attitude that really make a difference.”

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