Leeds ranked 1st for international student satisfaction

The University has been ranked 1st out of 16 participating Russell Group Universities for overall international student satisfaction in the latest International Student Barometer survey.


The survey results also include top rankings for Leeds among participating Russell Group universities for:

  • 1st -Arrival and orientation
  • 1st - Virtual learning environment (also ranked 5th out of 188 participating universities worldwide)
  • 1st - Course assessment and organisation
  • 1st - Internet access
  • 1st - Accommodation (Office support and condition)
  • 1st - Support for managing research (for postgraduate students)

The International Student Barometer (ISB) is the largest study of international student satisfaction in the world surveying over 160,000 international students worldwide and over 64,000 in the UK. ISB is an online questionnaire run by I-Graduate, an independent research company and provides bench mark scores against groupings of other institutions.

The ISB survey focuses on four main elements of the international student experience: arrival, learning, living and support and these excellent results for Leeds reflect the outstanding international student experience offered at the University. 89% of the University’s international students who took part in the survey said they would recommend studying at the University of Leeds.

The results also build on excellent ratings achieved by the University in previous ISB surveys. The 2008 and 2010 ISB surveys consistently ranked Leeds as top among participating Russell Group universities for arrival and orientation, and the 2010 and 2012 surveys have highlighted Leeds’ virtual learning environment as truly world class, ranked top 5 among all participating universities worldwide.

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