VLE downtime - 8/9 July 2013

The VLE will be upgraded this summer, bringing new features and incremental improvements to many of the tools we use at Leeds.

The upgrade will take place during Monday 8 July until late Tuesday 9 of July.  Wednesday 10 July will be used for contingencies.

Following the upgrade, staff will get access to some sought after new features such as negative marking, a new discussion board, a better more functional text editor with spellchecking, an inline document viewer, and an upgraded interface. There are also fun new features like module themes so you can really put your stamp on a module.

There is a raft of bug fixes, so all staff should keep an eye on the VLE service blog/twitter feed for updates:


While the VLE is being upgraded it will not be available.  It is therefore recommended that module instructors, managers, or schools make adequate provision to ensure students can access material they need during, or preferably before the downtime - the VLE Service can advise on various approaches.

Should you have any questions relating to the upgrade please contact us via the IT Help Desk (33333).

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