New For Staff site to be launched this week

A new look For Staff site will be launched on Thursday 13 June, offering staff quick and easy access to University news and information.


Significant improvements have been made to the site in terms of appearance, navigation and search functionality. Examples include: priority given to information that is used regularly, with a list of staff systems and quick links accessible on first view; an events calendar that allows users to search events by category and faculty; more space for news stories and images.

The new site has been developed as a result of consultation with colleagues across the University, as well as extensive feedback received through the recent internal communications review. We have also worked with focus groups throughout the development process to test content and design.

On the day of the launch, there will be a period of downtime in which the site cannot be accessed - this should be for no longer than two hours in the morning, and the site should be live by midday.  The URL for the page will remain

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