Medical student joins Higher Education Academy forum

Medical student Luke McMenamin has been successful in his application to join a panel of 20 students who will advise the Higher Education Academy on a range of issues concerning students in the UK.

Feeding into the HEA’s senior management team, the forum gives 20 students a voice in the HEA’s activities with and for students. Forum members will have an opportunity to influence how the organisation works with students, advising on issues which matter most to students such as teaching, the curriculum, assessment and feedback. With the HEA Students as Partners team and other HEA staff, they will also explore aspects of the HEA’s work which directly affect the student learning experience.

Over 150 students from across the UK applied to take part in the Forum and those chosen represent both undergraduate and post graduate students from a wide range of courses.

Professor Philippa Levy, the HEA’s Deputy Chief Executive (Academic), said: “We were delighted at the response we had from students, and the depth of understanding that many already have about higher education policy. What’s so exciting for us is the level of commitment and enthusiasm our Forum members show for enhancing the learning experience of all students, not just those on their course, or even at their institution, but students right across the UK.

“The HEA is committed to working in partnership with students to enhance learning and teaching in higher education. Our Student Advisory Forum is an excellent opportunity for us to work even more closely with students on many areas of our work that have direct implications for HE students across the UK.”

At the first meeting of the HEA Student Advisory Forum members discussed student engagement and partnership in work relating to the Higher Education Achievement Report and the HEA’s annual conference. 

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