Superposition: scientists, artists and makers meeting in Leeds

Following the recent "Phase Revival" project, a series of events designed to bring artists and scientists together will begin today with an evening of talks, thought experiments and curiosities.


The Superposition was born out of a collaboration between artists, scientists and makers and a desire to see if a sustainable platform for cross disciplinary research and making, which is driven by the values of play, can contribute to an international discourse.  

The events aim to provide a platform for artists, scientists and makers to share questions, knowledge and skills and provide an energetic and open environment, that will allow for cross disciplinary collaboration from different fields via common interests and related research. 

The first event will take place:

On:  Wednesday 15 May

At:   5.30-8pm

In:   The Packhorse, Woodhouse Lane

Three short talks and thought experiments will take place before the main presentation on the Phase Revival project, one of the initial inspirations for these events. This was a 10 month collaboration between Andrews&Lynch, Leeds Physical Chemistry Group and composer Jon Hughes, who will discuss the process of working together on the project and how this lead to the superposition events and the hopes for the experiment.

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