Scam email warning

ISS have issued a fresh warning about scam emails. Please read the warning here.

From time to time staff may receive messages in their University email account purporting to come from the ISS Help Desk, a bank, or HMRC etc., stating that there is a problem with their account or in the latter case, that they are due a refund. These are scam emails are designed to dupe recipients into divulging their logon credentials or other personal information.

The University uses software to reduce the risk of such emails being delivered but a pattern or common content has to be identified before it can react, and it is inevitable that until that trigger point is reached that some emails will reach some mailboxes. Remember that a reputable organisation with which you have dealings will never ask you for your logon or account details.

If you are ever unsure about the authenticity of any email you receive check out its legitimacy by telephone.

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