Health and Safety consultation now open

New documents setting out University expectations of staff for the management of asbestos-containing materials are now available as part of the broad consultation process.

The documents can be found online and all staff are invited to read these and send back any feedback via email by 5pm on Tuesday 7 May.

This protocol covers asbestos found in equipment or asbestos-containing materials as defined in the Standard, however it does not include rocks and other samples known to contain asbestos which are kept in faculties for teaching or research purposes. Asbestos-containing materials were widely used in building work from the 1930s to 1999, and were popular due to their resistance to fire, heat and their affordability. They can include older building materials such as textured wall coverings (e.g. artex), fire resistant materials, soundproofing materials, lift shaft linings, partition walls, inbuilt ovens and kilns etc. The mere presence of asbestos does not present a risk, it is only when it is disturbed that harm can be caused so the effective management of these materials is crucial. 

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