Phase Revival: An Optical Harmonica

Music, light and movement combine in the hypnotic Phase Revival, an artistic installation at Opera North’s Howard Assembly Rooms on Wednesday 11 April, as part of the DARE collaboration.

Based upon the scientific principles of quantum mechanics and “ultrafast spectroscopy” (the study of molecules responding to pulses of light a millionth of a billionth of a second long), this installation is an astonishing fusion of art and science, from some of the most exciting creative practitioners in the field.

The project is led by the University’s DARE Cultural Fellow Becs Andrews, in collaboration with artist and director Dave Lynch, physical chemists Mike Nix and Ben Whitaker (School of Chemistry) and composer Jon Hughes.

Timed admission will take place from 11.30am and then on the hour until 4.30pm. Please email to reserve a place.

General admission will then take place from 6pm to 9.30pm with artist talk and drinks reception at 7.45pm. No booking necessary.

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