Staging China

A theatre-led interactive presentation titled ‘Staging China’ is to be held as a free event as part of the Performing China on the Global Stage: People, Society and Culture symposium.

The presentation will be led by theatre professionals and researchers, and will take place in two parts as follows:

Part one:            
The Orphan of Zhao: from 5BC China to 21st century Stratford-upon-Avon
Stage productions of The Orphan include a wide range of forms: Chinese spoken drama, Chinese regional opera, Chinese Western-style opera, and the current English production by the Royal Shakespeare Company. These works will offer evidence and study cases for the examination of intra/inter/cross-culturalism, challenging the existing models and methodologies.

Part two:            
Contemporary Western Representations of China
Productions by the West Yorkshire Playhouse, University of Leeds, Border Crossings, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, National Theatre of Scotland and of the play Chinglish will be presented and discussed.

This event will take place:

On:  Wednesday 27 March

At:   1pm-6pm

In:   stage@leeds

Those wishing to attend should bring their student/staff ID card to stage@leeds to claim their free ticket.

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