International Women's Day Exhibition

Drop into the Brotherton Library today to explore an exhibition hosted by the Feminist Archive North (FAN) to celebrate over 100 years of activism in Women in Science and Technology (WISE).

Who was Caroline Herschel? Jane C Wright? Rosalind Franklin? Should we know who they were? As 18th century astronomer, physician and pioneer chemotherapist, and unsung biophysicist colleague of double helix discoverers Crick and Watson, they are but three of the many women high achievers but unacknowledged in the field of science and technology for centuries up to the present.

The exhibition hosts a rich collection of fascinating materials from campaigns and initiatives from the Women’s Engineering Society established in 1918 through the WISE campaign of 1984, to the Bradford based UK Resource Centre.

Visitors are welcomed from 11-4 in Special Collections at the Brotherton Library. Between 12 and 2 there is also the fantastic opportunity for a guided tour by FAN volunteers who were active in the campaigns the exhibition details.

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