University of Leeds software repository

The University of Leeds Software Repository has recently been relaunched, with an improved look and feel.

The Software Repository provides a platform for researchers to make their software available for free download by users in academia and in industry.

Many research projects throughout the University generate software, which often languishes unused at the end of the project.  The aim of the Software Repository is to extend the life of this software by making it available.  In this way academics can publicise their research and increase its impact - many research funding bodies now want researchers to show how their research will have an impact on society.   Additionally, it may lead to further collaboration with academics in other institutions or consultancy with industry. 

As well as listing software, the Software Repository can list publications and user documentation for download.  To date, there are 15 items of software in the Software Repository, which together have been downloaded about 150 times.  Software is downloaded “as is” and there is no commitment to provide user support. 

For those researchers who are planning to write software that may be included in the Software Repository, advice and support is available to enable them to create robust software to more commercial standards.

For further information, contact Dr Steve Shillitoe (36738).

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